Welcome to our Back-to-School Drive Donation Page!

Every year, countless students return to school without the supplies they need to succeed. Help make a difference in their lives by contributing to our Back-to-School Drive. Your donation will go directly towards providing essential school supplies to children in need. The drive will END SEPTEMBER 30th.
**Why Donate?**
Many families struggle to afford basic school supplies for their children. By donating, you’re ensuring that these students have the tools they need to learn and excel in the classroom.
**How Your Donation Helps:**
– **Pencils, Pens, and Notebooks:** Basic supplies that every student requires for taking notes and completing assignments.
– **Backpacks:** Help students carry their books and supplies comfortably.
– **Art Supplies:** Foster creativity with materials like crayons, markers, and colored pencils.
– **Calculators and Rulers:** Essential tools for math and science classes.
– **Hygiene Kits:** Ensure students have personal care items to feel confident and comfortable.
To arrange pick up or drop off please use our “contact” form. (pick up must be within 10 (s)miles of NJ 08691)

Drop-off directions: 17 Main Street Suite 601, Robbinsville NJ, 08691 Monday through Friday 9-5 pm
**Spread the Word:**
Share this donation page with your friends and family to maximize the impact. Together, we can create a brighter future for these students.
Thank you for supporting our Back-to-School Drive and helping students start the school year with confidence and enthusiasm!

Your generosity can make a significant impact.

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