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DROP BOX requirements: You must be able to either pick up or we can drop off(within a 10 mile radius of 08610 area code). Boxes will be picked up or dropped off one week prior to distribution. Each drive will also have a virtual link to donate, if unable to physically participate.
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Please let us know if you are interested below if you are picking up or dropping off. If boxes fill, prior to drop date, please let us know and we will pick up items and/or give another box. Please e-mail if you run into any issues or need a resolution.
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Our Drives

Think Big. Act Bigger.

Supporting United Way

Who is DAV: Disable American Veterans

United Way mobilizes communities around the world to close gaps and open opportunities so everyone can thrive. Through our global network spanning 37 countries and 1,100 communities, United Way connects partners, donors, volunteers, and community leaders to tackle the root causes of the world’s most complex challenges while making a positive impact in the lives of millions of people.


Campaign for Anti-Bullying

Our goal is to promote an Anti-Bullying campaign starting in the school system. We live in a new era where bullying doesn’t stop at school, because of social media and other platforms. We need to get ahead of it by creating long term programs and join with professionals in the industry to train administrators and educate children that what they say to someone holds so much power!