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Be a part of the new revolution in kindness...whether it's volunteering your time or spreading the word through your school or social media. Volunteers opportunities include events, drives and other supporting avenues to make our community organizations as successful as they can be!
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Supporting United Way

Who is DAV: Disable American Veterans

United Way mobilizes communities around the world to close gaps and open opportunities so everyone can thrive. Through our global network spanning 37 countries and 1,100 communities, United Way connects partners, donors, volunteers, and community leaders to tackle the root causes of the world’s most complex challenges while making a positive impact in the lives of millions of people.


Campaign for Anti-Bullying

Our goal is to promote an Anti-Bullying campaign starting in the school system. We live in a new era where bullying doesn’t stop at school, because of social media and other platforms. We need to get ahead of it by creating long term programs and join with professionals in the industry to train administrators and educate children that what they say to someone holds so much power!