Bladder Exstrophy


Supporting Bladder Exstrophy Disorder About Bladder Exstrophy Bladder exstrophy is a birth defect that affects the urinary system. It occurs when the bladder develops inside out and pushes outside the skin. Most babies with the condition need corrective surgery within the first few days of life. Children who receive treatment usually develop



UMDF | Mitochondrial Disease Education & Research What Is Mitochondrial Disease? When mitochondria cannot convert food and oxygen into life-sustaining energy, cell injury and even cell death follow. When this process is repeated throughout the body, organ systems begin to fail and even stop functioning. What did we do? We are proud

Thanksgiving 2021


Grant Chapel AME Church Happy Smiles and Vitale Inspection Services LLC were able to donate 20 Thanksgiving day boxes with a full thanksgiving dinner in it to Grant Chapel AME Church this morning. Living with Alzheimers Projected to have ALZ in 2050 Donate Now

Alzheimers Disease


Supporting the Alzheimers Association June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month Worldwide, more than 55 million people are living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. Join the Alzheimer’s Association in going purple and raising awareness this June. The more that people know about Alzheimer’s, the more action we inspire. Read more about ALZ

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